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  • FENCE DESIGN - This section provides design information, diagrams and sketches that will help you to design and/or determine the approximate cost of your security fence, and helps answer most engineering or technical questions you may have. If you have a question that is not answered somewhere, please contact our engineering department.

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The electric fence is the most effective single deterrent yet devised. 3 or more strands of high voltage wires strung aro7und the perimeter is enough to insure that no intruders or trespassers invade your privacy and security of your home and property. The high voltage fence or wall addition is especially suited to industrial and commercial security. When properly designed and installed, an electric security fence is the least expensive, safest, and most secure method for securing property and lives when compared to walls, other types of fences, human guards, and animals. The fence does NOT sleep. The fence CANNOT be bribed. The fence does NOT require food or water. A well designed electric fence has more deterrence value than a pot bellied guard with a sawed off shotgun that hasn’t been fired for years to a snarling pit bull. An Electric Security Fence is designed to protect property, livestock, production, manufacturing, and lives.  When designing your electric security fence, keep in mind the above two statements and each individual item that applies. Also to “keep out” or to “keep in” or “both” are all valid considerations.  The strongest proven fact with regard to Electric Security Fences is the “lethal look”. The fact the fence looks deadly. The fact that the fence looks like it will kill, harm, hurt, or maim. However, the fence is completely non-lethal and will administer no more pain or harm than a stinging slap, so the “lethal” look is most important.  If an existing wall or fence is in place, then it is a matter of designing a “fence extension” with a “lethal look” while achieving minimal cost and still maintain effectiveness.  The smallest effective “fence extension” consists of 3 strands where one (1) strand is grounded (ground potential) and a minimum of two (2) charged strands. The reason for 2 charged strands is security. You make the connections to achieve one (1) charged wire that goes out and then returns on the second strand. If you connect both the outgoing and returning ends to the charger, then, even if cut, the high tensile wire is charged from both ends. The more secure reason is, the returning high tensile wire is connected to a voltage monitor and alarm.  Therefore all electric security fences should have an even number of charged “high tensile” strands. 2, 4, 6, 8, etc. strands.  A voltage monitor attached to the very end of the charged strand will sound and alarm or siren if the wire is cut or shorted making the voltage drop. Although very few petty thieves will attempt to cut through the fence, the fence/voltage monitor makes the electric security fence into an alarm sounding security device when tampered with. If the fence is designed to make it very difficult to pass without a resultant shock, and then coupled with a voltage fence monitor becomes an extremely effective security system. The final determination will always be a balance to whether the additional level of security is worth the added cost of a voltage monitor.  Grounded Strands: the high tensile strands should alternate with grounded strands. The grounded strands should be insulated exactly like the high tensile strands. If all the strands are insulated, the fence is perceived as much more lethal, and therefore becomes much more effective. If an intruder actually decides to cut a wire, not knowing which are grounded strands and which are charged strands makes the fence retain a higher security rating.  A fence is designed with 3 or more strands. Usually, the top strand and the bottom strand are charged, however, there are some cases where a grounded strand is added as the topmost strand to help ward of falling foliage, fronds, etc to help prevent the plants from shorting out the high tensile strands. Also, if the electric fence is constructed from ground level, then the bottom strand may be a grounded strand to prevent weeds and grass from shorting out the “high tensile” circuit.  2. EFFECTIVENESS:  When considering the design of the electric security fence, look around at what is already being used. The coiled barbed wire and barbed wire strands that top off most fences are meant to look hurtful and difficult to get over and around. Also the broken glass that is embedded on the top of many walls needs to be plainly visible to be truly effective, and works because it is visible and makes it more difficult for a trespasser to scale the wall, so that hopefully the trespasser will bypass this property and pick another house or property to break into, where it is easier to gain access.  A wall or fence is just a device that defines your property line, and sometimes provides some privacy. Any wall or fence can be easily scaled. And if you make the walls higher, the intruder uses a pole or ladder or tree and climbs over. There are many ways that even a very high wall can be scaled and breached.  Dogs are one of the better methods that will provide an alarm. However if the dog is tied or caged, then it is only able to provide noise, which is effective only if someone is there to hear the barking. Dogs can be poisoned; require care, feeding and sleep. In contrast, an electric security fence deters someone from even trying to trespass and is actually more effective than a 15 meter high wall and never sleeps and can provide noise if tampered with.  When a thief or trespasser picks a house or property to rob, they will invariably pick a target that is easy to gain access to, and they will pick a target that offers the least risk and exposure to themselves. A well designed electric security fence will virtually eliminate all petty theft and trespassers. They won’t even try to gain access.  NOTE:  The primary object of an electric security fence is NOT to shock the intruder or trespasser in the process of scaling your fence or wall, but to persuade the intruder that it is not worth the trouble to try to get onto your property in the first place. Let the thief go to another house that is an easier target for him. Stop the intruder from trying to trespass onto your property before he even attempts. If he suspects that your fence is a bluff, a very few might touch the charged wires and the resultant shock will completely convince them otherwise. Electric fence .Even if the trespasser suspects that the voltage is “non-lethal” he will not be sure, and he will be quick to try a different property. This is why “the lethal look” of the fence is just as, and even more important than the fact that the fence is actually charged. People are scared of electricity. People can’t see electricity. If people perceive that the fence is dangerous, then it becomes effective.  Every municipal ordinance that is available for review, require warning signs spaced approximately every 10 meters or less. The municipal requires “warning signs” from a liability perspective, but it has been shown that these signs, by them selves, are as effective as the fence itself in keeping out trespassers even when, or if the fence is turned off. When you have a “lethal looking” fence combined with “warning signs”, the fence now becomes almost totally effective is stopping passage through or over the fence. (NOTE: there is absolutely NO device or method devised that has proven to be 100% effective) The “warning signs” take a lightly designed fence and transform it into a “most lethal looking” fence. Keep in mind that the electric fence is completely non-lethal and not dangerous to the smallest most vulnerable animal. When shocked repeatedly, new born baby rabbits are not harmed. The fence will administer a stinging and most unpleasant feeling shock, but will not physically harm an animal, child, or adult. So you need to understand, that the fence is an elaborate bluff, that will slap their wrist hard if someone chooses to ignore it.  Because of the “non-lethal” action of the electric fence, the legal liability exposure is very small, however, warning signs about every 10 meters or so, in plain sight, as close to eye level as possible, minimize the legal liability exposure to almost nothing.  If you were to plug your fence into the wall outlet/receptacle then you might indeed kill somebody. Your liability exposure is extreme. Your insurance will NOT cover you. Wall voltage is not only dangerous, but mostly not effective. At 220 volts, dry cement, and rubber slippers will insulate you from a shock, however, if someone accidentally comes in contact with an electrical ground you may easily be killed.  Dry ground combined with insulated footwear is why 10,000 volts is used, so as to carry the shock through the ground and the footwear. The “pulse” technology is what makes it both painful and non-lethal. This technology has been tested and proven for over 75 years of usage around the world. There are safety standards all over the world that when met, insure that the shock is “non-lethal”. The pulse length is approximately 100 microseconds (0.0001 seconds) If you use house voltage on the fence, the fence now becomes potentially extremely LETHAL !  If you were to hold your arm over a burning candle for several seconds, you would receive a nasty burn. If you were to pass your arm through the flame of an acetylene torch (which is much hotter than a candle) and do it quickly enough, you would escape and not even singe a hair. That is primarily the safety principle with pulsed electricity charging electric fences. The safety standards mandate the maximum voltage (not to exceed 10,000 volts) and the maximum pulse length (not to exceed 300 microseconds) of the pulse and the repetition rate (not less than ½ second) of the pulse. We use a fence charger that peaks out at about 9,500 volts and has a pulse length of approximately 100 microseconds and repeats approximately once per second which are all well within the safety standards that have been set and tested accordingly.